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   ABOUT  US !  

Port Lines has been in the "S" business since about 1985. It initially began as an off-shoot to our own collecting of American Flyer trains. Realizing at local train shows and TCA meets that no one had AF repair parts available for sale, we began to stock and offer a very limited supply of a handful of commonly needed parts; we sold these from our single table at train shows.....all of these parts hanging from a single piece of pegboard about 2' x 3' in size!  Such an assortment !
We have grown to the point that today, we believe we offer one of the largest varieties of AF repair and restoration supplies and parts available anywhere in the country! 
QUALITY is foremost in our product line. We will not stock lesser-quality parts just because they are cheaper. We carry the best quality part available, even if it means a slightly higher price.

In addition to the AF parts segment of our business, we stock products from an ever-increasing number of  S suppliers and manufacturers.

Any questions.... drop us an email.
We'll do what we can to assist you and meet your S needs !


Our phone-order and retail "S"-only  location:  6 Storeybrooke Drive;   Newburyport, MA  01950 
Normal hours:  Tuesdays through Thursdays, & Saturdays, 2-5 PM, EST, only.
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E-Mail:   doug@portlines.com