The items shown below are either being discontinued, are no longer produced, or are overstocked.  Take advantage of these close-out prices, good only as long as supplies last !


These two hoppers were produced by S-Helper Service as exclusives for RSSVP Models. We took possession of all remaining inventory when we purchased RSSVP inventory and rights.
Each car is available in two different numbers, and the cars are prototypically accurate.

Any 1 car: $29;   Any 2 cars: $55;    All 4 cars: $100.
(Order from the SHS Inventory page.)



     Effective immediately,  we are offering these DALLEE solid-state Sound Control units at a discounted price,
due to current overstock.

This unit should operate the bell and the whistle/horn on any AC-powered, sound-equipped S-gauge engine, from any manufacturer, except original American Flyer from AC Gilbert. It also features a third button for activating the reverse unit in the engine, rather than have to use your transformer to do so.
Two models available----
 LEFT: Standard version, handles up to 10 amps. When activated, you may experience a slight decrease in speed.
MSRP: $89.95 --- SPECIAL: $75.
 RIGHT: Premium version, handles up to 10 amps. Fan-cooled. No effect on speed.
MSRP: $109.95 --- SPECIAL: $95.
 Order from the "ELECTRONICS FOR S" page.


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