(NOTE:  These figures must be ordered direct;  they are not yet available through the Shopping Cart system.)


I.  ARTTISTA S-SCALE FIGURES: These are 1:64 scale figures, diecast and fully painted. They are also available unpainted, but only on special order.  When ordering these figures, please be sure to include the prefix "A".


Above--- Top row: #788 through 794       Bottom row: 795 through 801

Above---  #802 through 809

The following Arttista figures (above) are normally in stock.

A-701 Engineer $6.00
A-702 Fireman $6.00
A-703 Standing man $6.00
A-704 Standing man $6.00
A-705 Flagman $6.00
A-706 Fisherman $6.00
A-707 Man with long brush $6.00
A-708 Standing man with suspenders $6.00
A-709 Woman hitchhiker w/ raised skirt $6.00
A-710 Modern engineer $6.00
A-711 Modern fireman $6.00
A-712 Hobo w/ bottle $6.00
A-713 Hobo walking $6.00
A-714 Hobo lying on log $6.00
A-715 Man with wrench $6.00
A-716 Man with sledgehammer $6.00
A-717 Man with shovel $6.00
A-718 Man with prybar $6.00
A-719 Man carrying box $6.00
A-720 Man wearing apron $6.00
A-721 Standing cop $6.00
A-722 Brakeman riding $6.00
A-723 Telephone lineman/ Climbing man $6.00
A-724 Woman with laundry $6.00
A-725 Woman sweeping $6.00
A-726 Businessman walking $6.00
A-727 Two 55-gallon drums $7.00
A-728 Engineer walking $6.00
A-729 Engineer climbing $6.00
A-730 Brakeman stooping $6.00
A-731 Brakeman holding on $6.00
A-732 Man with clipboard $6.00
A-733 Sailor & duffle bag $6.00
A-734 Kissing couple 11.00
A-735 Standing woman $6.00
A-736 "Painted Lady" $6.00
A-737 Man pushing lawnmower $8.00
A-738 Seated woman $6.00
A-739 Seated man $6.00
A-740 Park bench $6.00
A-741 Traffic cop $6.00
A-742 Leaning man $6.00
A-743 Man leaning $6.00
A-744 Running man with briefcase $6.00
A-745 Man looking at watch $6.00
A-746 Mailman and dog $7.00
A-747 Woman holding baby $6.00
A-748 Standing young woman $6.00
A-749 Standing old woman $6.00
A-750 Walking couple $12.00
A-751 Man painting $6.00
A-752 Storekeeper $6.00
A-753 Conductor looking at watch $6.00
A-754 Conductor waving $6.00
A-755 Engineer standing #1 $6.00
A-756 Standing engineer #2 $6.00
A-757 Engineer waving $6.00
A-758 Fireman waving $6.00
A-759 Standing fireman with shovel $6.00
A-760 Brakeman holding on $6.00
A-761 Switch Tower Boss $6.00
A-762 RR worker holding up orders $6.00
A-763 Hobo running $6.00
A-764 RR Cop running $6.00
A-765 Drunk $6.00
A-766 3 dogs $6.00
A-767 2 cats $4.25
A-768 Man exiting manhole $12.00
A-769 Attendant checking oil $6.00
A-770 Man picking up box $6.00
A-771 Man carrying crate on shoulder $6.00
A-772 Hobo carrying guitar $6.00
A-773 Woman Undressing $6.00
A-774 Woman in bikini, walking $6.00
A-775 Hunter $6.00
A-776 Two hunting dogs $4.25
A-777 Hobo kneeling $6.00
A-778 Truck driver, 1/2 torso $6.00
A-779 Man driving, 1/2 torso $6.00
A-780 Woman, 1/2-torso (counter server, or driver) $6.00
A-781 Newspaper machine $6.00
A-782 Waitress carrying tray on skates $6.00
A-783 Worker with hands up $6.00
A-784 Man with pick axe $6.00
A-785 Man with jackhammer $6.25
A-786 Air compressor $13.50
A-787 Forklift & driver $29.95
A-788 Engineer leaning $6.00
A-789 Fireman leaning $6.00
A-790 Brakeman with flag $6.00
A-791 Man sleeping on chair $8.75
A-792 Man sitting backward on chair $8.75
A-793 Sitting couple $12.00
A-794 Photographer stooping $6.25
A-795 Photographer standing $6.25
A-796 Dog house $7.25
A-797 Three dogs $6.00
A-798 Fire Chief giving directions $6.00
A-799 Firefighter with nozzle $6.00
A-800 Firefighter climbing $6.00
A-801 Firefighter driving (1/2 torso) $6.00
A-802 Man stooping with hammer $6.00
A-803 Man on knees with hammer $6.00
A-804 Worker rolling out paper $6.00
A-805 Worker carrying can $6.00
A-806 Man mopping $6.00
A-807 Man climbing $6.00
A-808 Man bending over and looking down $6.00
A-809 Man pulling on rope $6.00
A-1308 Bride & Groom  (slightly oversize) $12.95
A-1311 Minister (slightly oversize) $6.00

II. The following figures are painted diecast figures and are precise 1/64 S-scale figures. 
        All are $5.00 each, unless noted otherwise. When ordering these figures, please be sure to include the prefix "F", "R", or  "SH".



F-1 City lady in skirt F-2 Lady with beret F-3 Lady with long smock
F-4 Woman with scarf F-5 Seated lady in skirt F-6 Seated lady in short skirt
F-7 Seated man; coat & hat F-8 Seated conductor F-9 Seated man; canteen & hat
F-10 Seated driver F-11 Seated crew; arm up F-12 Stationmaster standing
F-13 Standing porter     F-15  
F-16   F-17 Man standing; crossed legs F-18 Girl standing
F-19 Girl walking F-20 Woman in coat F-21 Lady with parcel
F-22 Man with rolled paper  F-23 Man with coat & hat F-24 Soldier with rifle
F-25 Soldier with pack F-26 Standing boy F-27 Girl walking
    F-29 Girl with 2 poodles ($7.25) F-30 Hunter with dogs ($7.25)
F-31   F-32 Cow ($3.00) F-33 4 sheep ($6.00)
F-34 4 pigs   F-35   F-36 8 mailbags ($5.50)
F-41 Seated lady F-42 Seated woman with hat F-43 Seated lady; hand up
F-44 Seated woman in black F-45 Seated young lady    
F-47 Seated man ; hat & coat F-48 Seated man with arm out F-49 Seated man; brown jacket
F-50 Seated man; cap & jacket F-51 Seated woman with long black dress F-52 Seated man with coat
F-53 Seated man; left arm raised F-54 Conductor F-55 Seated man with red jacket
F-60 Foreman F-61 Worker in overalls    
F-63 Worker standing F-64 Worker with pickaxe F-65 Worker with prybar
F-66 Redhead girlfriend CREW 1-A diesel crew (6 MEN); $24.95    
R-1 Fire Hydrant (1)  ($2.00) R-2 Seated man reading paper R-3 Seated lady with umbrella
R-4 1.5" green park bench  (8') R-5 City sidewalk mailbox (blue) R-6 City sidewalk Newspaper dispenser (yellow)
R-7 Scale (white)  ($4.00) R-8 Birdbath R-9 Soda vending machine (red)
R-10 Ice machine (white) R-11 Street-side household mailbox on post R-12 Dalmatian (leg up) & fire hydrant  ($6.00)
R-13 Seated man        
SH-289 Seated engineer & fireman ($5.95) SH-358 Seated conductor & brakeman ($5.95)    


III. The following figure sets are fully painted (unless otherwise stated), and are 1:64 scale.

#REV-693 -- FIREMEN: 5 figures
   $10 unpainted.  
#REV-694 -- FIREMEN with Breathing  Apparatus: 5 figures
   $10 unpainted.
#REV-695 -- FIREMEN with Rescue Tools & Car: 5 figures & car
   $15 unpainted.
REV--9 -- 1925 Model T Ford Coupe;  "Top Down".
   $30 fully painted.







REV-10 -- 1917 Model T Ford Boxbody Truck---Pathe Motion Pictures
   $30 painted.








REV-11 -- 1917 Model T Ford Boxbody Truck---Standard Air Lines Baggage Service
   $30 painted.
#REV-604 -- POLICE: 5 figures
   $30 painted;
   $10 unpainted.

#REV-688 -- BASEBALL PLAYERS: 13 figures.

   $15 unpainted.


#REV-689 -- SAILORS & HOOKER: 6 figures.
   $30 painted.
# REV-687 -- ARMED SAILORS: 5 figures.
   $30 painted.
# REV-671 -- CITIZENS: 5 figures.
Set contains: Domestic with broom, Upper middle class woman, Man in overcoat,  Man wearing pork pie hat and working class woman with brick in hand.
   $30 painted;
   $10 unpainted.
#REV-600 -- GANGSTERS & VICTIM: 5 figures.
     $30 painted;
     $10 unpainted.
#REV-601 -- GANGSTERS: 5 figures.
     $30 painted;
     $10 unpainted.
#REV-614 -- CHAUFFEURS: 5 figures (two seated).
   $30 painted;
   $10 unpainted.
#REV-691 -- FILM CREW: (4 figures & camera).
    $30 painted;
    $10 unpainted.
#REV-690 -- SURVEY CREW: (4 figures & transit).
    $30 painted;
    $10 unpainted.
#REV-692 -- TRENCH DIGGERS: (5 figures & dirt pile).
    $35 painted;
    $10 unpainted.
#REV-611: COFFIN & CORPSES: (1 coffin, lid, and 3 corpses/skeletons).
   $30 painted.


IV. The following figures are painted diecast figures and are about 1/58 scale. Several of them are actual reproductions of figures originally sold by the AC Gilbert Company. 
        All are $3.50 each, unless noted otherwise. When ordering these figures, please be sure to include the prefix "S".

S-101 Seated man S-103 Seated man to hold hands S-104 Seated lady to hold hands
S-105 Seated man with hat S-106 Seated nun S-107 Seated lady
S-110 Lady with bag & coat S-112 Standing lady S-113 Lady waving
S-116 Sailor with duffle bag S-117 Man bending for suitcase S-118 Lady & child
S-119 Newsman S-120 Man in seater S-121 Man in overcoat
S-122 Lady in evening gown S-123 Standing man; hand in pocket S-124 Standing man
S-125 Standing lady S-126 Standing young lady S-140 Newsboy
S-141 Standing girl S-142 Running boy with pack S-143 Boy walking
S-144 Standing boy S-150 Lady walking S-151 Man walking with paper
S-152 Lady walking S-153 Man walking with case S-154 Man walking
S-155 Lady in shawl S-156 Man walking; hand out S-157 Man smoking
S-158 Lady standing; fur collar S-159 Lady with laundry S-170 Boy scout
S-171 Girl scout S-180 Farmer S-190 Traffic cop
S-191 Motorcycle cop, riding S-195 Fireman carrying lady S-196 Fireman with wrench
S-197 Fireman with hose S-301 Conductor with tickets S-302 Conductor walking
S-303 Conductor waving S-304 Conductor pointing S-310 Flagman, arm extended
S-311 Flagman, arm up S-315 Signalman walking S-316 Signalman standing
S-317 Signalman waving lantern S-325 Porter walking S-328 Porter with step
S-329 Porter standing with cases S-330 Porter walking with 1 case S-350 Seated engineer, arms up
S-351 Seated engineer, arm tucked S-355 Hanging brakeman S-360 Stoker
S-375 Messenger boy S-376 Waiter S-377 Mailman
S-401 Hobo sitting S-405 Hobo with sack, walking S-410 Hobo laying down
S-701 Worker with jackhammer S-702 Worker with sledgehammer S-703 Worker kneeling with rail
S-704 Worker holding pole S-705 Worker digging S-706 Worker with prybar
S-707 Worker drinking S-708 Worker waving lantern S-709 Worker with pick
S-710 Worker shoveling S-711 Worker sweeping S-751 Worker standing
S-752 Worker , crossing guard S-753 Man standing; sportshirt S-754 Worker walking; sledge
S-755 Worker walking; hardhat S-756 Worker standing; coat S-757 Worker standing
S-758 Worker standing; shovel S-759 Worker with bar & jack S-760 Worker standing, no hat
S-761 Worker standing, hard-hat S-762 Supervisor with flag in pocket S-763 Worker  with hammer
S-764 Worker with pry pole S-765 Worker with bucket S-766 Worker shoveling
S-774 Iceman S-775 Milkman S-776 Worker with basket
S-777 Worker  with barrel S-900 Two trash barrels S-901 Trashcan for papers
S-902 Letterbox on pole S-903 Traffic light on pole S-904 Sidewalk mailbox
S-905 Two fire hydrants S-950 Stack of luggage S-951-A 1.75" green park bench  (9')
S-951-B 1.2" green park bench (6') S-952 Two-wheel handcart S-953 3 boxes
S-954 Baggage scale S-956 Two mailbags S-957 Two duffle bags
S-958 3 pcs of luggage S-975 Yard water pump    
A-1308 Bride & Groom ($11.95) D-6 Hobo with sack, walking D-7 Hobo with stick & sack
A-1309 Best Man ($5.95) A-1310 Maid of Honor ($5.95) A-1311 Minister ($5.95)

V. The following figures are  reproductions of figures originally used on the indicated AF accessories. These figures will be found in the appropriate section of the AF PARTS catalog.

AF-001 Salesman: half-torso. Red, blue, green, or white shirt. Flyerville 271
AF-002 Porter with bags 586F Wayside Station
AF-003 Seated woman with hat Flyerville 160, 163, 271, 273
AF-004 Standing man Flyerville 275 Eureka Diner
AF-005 Standing man Flyerville 271 Waiting Station
AF-006 Man for cart 586F Wayside Station
AF-007 Pegleg Pete with Stop sign (no base stud) Figure sets, & Track Gang
AF-008 Baggage Loader man 770 / 775 Baggage Loader Accessory
AF-009 "Louie" 779 Oil Drum Loader cart driver
AF-010 Maintenance Car driver (unpainted) 23743 Track Maintenance Car
AF-011 Guilford Man "Walking" man for 766 Guilford Station
AF-012 Guilford Woman "Walking" woman for 766 Guilford Station
AF-013 Brown cow "Walking" brown cow for 771 Stockyard
AF-014 Black cow "Walking" black cow for 771 Stockyard
AF-015 740 Handcar man 740-741-742 Handcars
AF-016 Climbing workman with wrench AF and Colber Towers
AF-017 Brakeman with lantern, and hook on back #35 Brakeman set
AF-018 Billy the Baggage Smasher man and cart 789 / 23789 Baggage Smasher
AF-019 Smitty / Moe / Joe Walking boxcar brakeman; Lumber Unloading car
AF-020 Caboose man (rubber) 979, etc, action caboose
AF-021 Sawmill man 23796 Sawmill

VI. MTH  FIGURES--- Bag of 120 figures, seated and standing. These are advertised as O-scale, but they are definitely closer to S-scale !   Often used to populate S-scale passenger cars, as well as vehicles, and your layout neighborhoods.  $29.95