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We are often asked if there is a satisfactory way to repair a diecast knuckle-coupler truck when the cast sideframe breaks loose from the sheet-metal portion of the truck.  Here's the method to do so, without having to remove the truck from the chassis. It is really a simpler task than it sounds here!

The top edge of the diecast sideframe has an indentation in it, into which fits a projection of sheet-metal from the edge of the truck frame. It will frequently break out.
Since it is a tight fit, I find it easiest to do the following......
(a) First, be sure that the indentation in the sideframe has two "lips" that will be able to clasp the metal tab and hold it in place. Sometimes, when the sideframe breaks off, it is because those "lips" have been broken. If they're gone, you should use a new sideframe; otherwise it will not hold.
(b) Use needle-nose pliers to put a "curl" in the sheet-metal tab,....high in the center, and lower on the ends.
(c) Place a tiny drop of superglue, or epoxy, in the indentation on the top of the sideframe.
(d) With that tab curled, you can easily get it underneath the two "lips" of the sideframe indentation.
(e) Insert both axles at this point, before securing the sideframe.
(f) Now use the needle-nose pliers to squeeze the top and bottom of the diecast sideframe. This will remove the curl which you previously created, and will force the edges of the tab underneath the "lips".
(g) Let it set, and it should hold fine.





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