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We often get questions about the proper bulb to use in various AF applications, so here's a summary of that topic.

50 --- this is a 5-6 volt small-globe bulb used in the 774 light towers which were SERIES-wired. Thus, the 18-volt current gets dispersed through the four of them in series.

430--- 14-volt, large-globe bulb...used underneath the bubbling towers. An 18-volt bulb will seldom produce enough heat to maintain the bubbler.

432--- these are 18-volt large-globe bulbs. This is the bulb normally found in all Gilbert passenger cars and cabooses, as well as underneath the lighted whistling billboards, and in lighted buildings (such as the Mystic Station). Imported is fine for this use.

432R and 432G--- 18-volt large-globe colored bulbs used in the RC turnout controls.

433--- 18-volt, large-globe BAYONET bulb.... used in the Lionel produced passenger cars and caboose sockets.

461--- 14-volt dimple bulb used in the rotating aircraft beacons. This is a bulb where it is critical that you be fussy. There are 461 bulbs on the market with very poorly-formed and non-centered dimples. They will NOT work. A quality 461 bulb, with a good rotary top, will work consistently, especially if you wire your beacon to its own small dedicated transformer (even just a small 40-watt AF unit).

 513-- this is the tiny, thread-less bulb that press-fits into the clip in the 21004-21005 0-6-0 boiler front.

 526--- 18-volt extra-large round screw-base bulb used in streetlights; available either white, or frosted.

 1402--- tiny, threaded 14-volt bulb used in the SAM socket.

 1442---18-volt extra-large "teardrop" screw-base bulb used in streetlights; available either white, or frosted.

 1445---18-volt small-globe bulb used in most of the deadman-style transformers. Imported 1445s will fit, but are closer to the plastic caps, so you risk heat-damage to the caps.

 1445R and 1445G --- colored 1445 bayonet bulbs, used in SOME 17B transformers that did not use colored lens caps.

 1447--- these are 18-volt, small-globe bulbs. Used inside the RC turnouts, in most of the light towers, etc. Although they will work OK in  the light towers, that extra-long base does make them noticeable, so I recommend using US-made 1447s in those as well. Can be used inside cars and stations, etc, but will not be as bright as 432 bulbs.

 1447R--- red 18-volt, small-globe bulbs, used in bumpers and 760 crossings. Imported is fine for this.

 1449 bulbs---these are 14-v small-globe bulbs used in all steamers and diesels. CAUTION: do NOT purchase imported 1449 bulbs....they are taller that domestic 1449 bulbs because they have an extra thread on them. In most of the steamers, if you use the imported 1449, the boiler front will not fit back into the opening. With diesels, that extra height places the bulb closer to the plastic. This is the one AF bulb where you really MUST seek out US bulbs.

 Additional bulbs that we stock, but were not original to Gilbert stock:

2447---the 24-volt equivalent of the 1447 bulb.
2432---the 24-volt equivalent of the 432 clear bulb.
2432R & 2432G---the 24-volt equivalent of the 432 colored bulbs.
2433---the 24-volt equivalent of the 433 clear bulb.

These 24-volt bulbs will run cooler and have a longer life; the difference in brightness is not too significant.

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