We offer several different options when it comes to track for S-gauge use. 
All our available track and roadbed inventory is listed on our TRACK OPTIONS page.


Rail only
We may have rail available in limited quantities.....brass, nickel-silver, or steel.....usually code 110 or higher.


American Flyer track (original)

For those who are truly devoted to the Gilbert American Flyer era, original AF track is available. Although used, it can be cleaned and utilized with little effort.  Our prices for original AF track depend upon the quality of the track; this in turn reflects the amount of effort you will have to devote to cleaning it before it is ready to use. 
We currently have plenty of used curve track and straight track available.

Related items:

    (a) Manual turnouts
    (b) Powered turnouts
    (c) Manual and Electric Uncouplers
    (d) 90 Crossings
    (e) Rerailer track sections (occasional; very limited availability.)
    (f) Third-rail track pickup sections

 (g) "Tie-Jig Tool" to straighten and restore bent end of ties (see "Tools" page)
    (h) Track locks (original)

American Flyer track (new, but no longer in production)

American Flyer two-rail tinplate track  was "re-produced" in three forms:  10" straights, 27"-radius curves, and 36" straights (shown below as 30", but it is 36"). 



Gargraves  track

The third option is GARGRAVES 2-rail track. This can be used exclusively, or it can be mixed with AF track.  It features the same high-profile rails, but has more ties, equally-spaced throughout the length of the track. Gargraves track is available as rigid sectional track, or as flextrack.

GG_S_track.JPG (20355 bytes)

All of the following have VINYL ties, and tinplate rail.  [This track is no longer produced.]
        (1)     12.4" straight track, sectional: $30.00--- for 10 PIECES .
        (2)     37" straight track, flexible:  $6.95 per section.--- 10 PIECES AVAILABLE.

All of the following have WOOD ties, and tinplate rail.  [Current production.]
        (1)     #401SW-6       6.2" straight track, sectional
        (2)     #401SW-12    12.4" straight track, sectional
        (3)     #401SW-24    24.8" straight track, sectional
        (4)     #401SW          37" straight track, sectional
        (5)     #42-401SW     42" diameter curve track, sectional
        (6)     #54-401SW     54" diameter curve track, sectional
        (7)     #63-401SW     63" diameter curve track, sectional
        (8)     #72-401SW     72" diameter curve track, sectional
        (9)     #401                37" straight track, flexible
     (10)   #401-GANTRY    37" straight track; 4 rails, for use with Lionel Gantry Crane

(NOTE: With all curves, 8 sections = a circle.)

#402 Stainless steel 37" Flextrack is available on special order, in full case lots only (50 pcs).

Related items:
              NOTE: Turnouts are re-tooled new production.  Stainless Steel turnouts available on special order only; we don't stock them.
        (a)     #403-RH / 404-LH        42" Manual turnouts
        (b)     #403-RC-RH / 404-RC-LH        42" Powered turnouts
        (c)     #803    Track pins
        (d)     #911-12    Power clips, solderless
        (e)     #800    Insulating Track pins
        (e)     #807    Track screws, 1/2" 
        (f)      #808    Track screws, 3/4" 
        (f)      #901    Sectional Track Retaining Clips

[We will be glad to quote you special pricing on a quantity order, for Gargraves trackage.] 


    American S-Gauge track    

(LEFT: Original AF track     CENTER: American S-Gauge track     RIGHT: Gargraves track)

Every American "S" Gauge Track Section from Classic Trains feature solid  premium code .172 Nickel-Silver Rail Weathered with 65% Brass, 12% Nickel-Silver for optimum electrical contact, with no oxidation or rust for smooth train operation.   Rail joiners are weathered and have a detailed six bolt-head design (see close-up below) and come installed on all track and switches. Ties are molded from high quality ABS plastic, UV resistant, and have a wood grain pattern that adds to the prototypical look of the track.  A snap lock system securely holds the track sections together to ensure exact alignment and good electrical contact, and when track sections are joined together tie spacing remains uniform. This is an exclusive design found only with this track system.  
[Curve track: 12 pieces = full circle.)

#2238        19" radius Curve track                     (12 = circle)---  IN STOCK
#2254        27" radius Curve track                     (12 = circle)---  IN STOCK
#2501        Rail-Joiners (dozen)                         Substitute Am. Models
#2601        Insulated Rail-Joiners (dozen)           IN STOCK
#2701        Wired Rail-Joiners for power (2)       Substitute Am. Models
#2801        S-Track Nails (appr. 300)                 IN STOCK
#2802        S-Track Spikes (7 oz.)                     IN STOCK
#2803        S-Track Screws (appr. 50)               IN STOCK

Fox Valley Models track

Fox Valley Models S-scale track is code .138 nickel-silver rail on plastic ties, injection-molded in brown. Available at this time are:

    a)  # 23101  Flextrack, 35.4" long;  6 pieces per package.

    b)  # 23303 RH Highrail Turnout, and #23304 LH Highrail Turnout, #5; plain with throwbar only.

    c)  # 23301 RH Scale Turnout, and #23302 LH Scale Turnout, #5; plain with throwbar only.

    d)  #23001  Rail-joiners; 24/pkg.

    e)  #23002  Insulated Rail-joiners; 12/pkg.

    f)  #23003  Wired Terminal Rail-joiners; 2 pair/pkg.

Additional products to follow.





American Models track

American Models track is solid brass rail mounted on closely-spaced plastic ties. It is available in sectional form, as well as flextrack. Solid non-corrosive brass .148 rail in height with weathered finish. All curved track is 1/12 section of a circle. Turnout curve is equal to a 1/2 section of 27" radius track. Rail joiners are included with sectional track and turnouts. Despite having a much smaller and lower profile, AF and highrail trains will operate on AM track, and through their switches with no problem.  S-scale trains will also operate on AM track, but their turnouts require a slight modification to handle scale wheelsets.

Track from American Models

12" straight track, rigid
21" curve track, rigid
24" curve track, rigid
27" curve track, rigid
36" flextrack
Manual turnout with throw bar only, LH or RH
Manual turnout with hand-throw, LH or RH
Powered turnout with control, LH or RH
Electric Uncoupler
30-degree Crossing
75-degree Crossing
Rail joiners:  pkg (16)
Insulated Rail Joiners   pkg (16)
Track connectors, wired for power connection (pair)
Bumpers:  (pair)



This is a new track system with built-in roadbed from Lionel. It was introduced in 2011 with 10" straight sections, 20" radius curve sections, and 10" power terminal sections. This system will expand each year with additional components similar to those in the Lionel O-gauge FasTrack system.  These components will be added to our website inventory as they are released and become available.


American Flyer FasTrack Terminal sections



American Flyer FasTrack 20" curve sections





American Flyer FasTrack 10" straight sections



"Starter Set"

This package-deal creates a basic oval layout, consisting of twelve curves, three 10" straights, and one 10" terminal section.




American Flyer FasTrack 30" straight sections



American Flyer FasTrack 5" straight sections




American Flyer FasTrack Transition sections


Connects the new FasTrack to original AF tubular track.



American Flyer FasTrack Turnouts

47940    RH Powered  
47941    LH Powered  
49869    RH Manual  
49868    LH Manual  


MTH / S-Helper Service track

NOTE:  S-Helper Service has been sold to MTH (Mike's Train House) and the S-Trax line has been re-introduced by MTH. See our TRACK OPTIONS Inventory page to determine what we still have in stock for original SHS track and other products, as well as the re-introduced MTH production.

     With the decorated ballasted roadbed, Celcon® wood grain ties and weathered nickel silver rail, the S-Trax system is designed to operate with all A.C. Gilbert S Scale American Flyer trains. The #3 remote control and manual switches, 15" and 10" straight and 19", 24" and 29" curved tracks are now available with more components to follow as the tooling is completed. The SHS 19" radius, 30 degree section is the same radius as the American Flyer curved track. The straight sections are 10" and 15" in length. Their track system also includes rail joiners and insulated rail joiners, and feeder wires with spade clips, and a special track adapter that will join this track to American Flyer® track. A Starter Track Set is offered with twelve 19" curved radius sections and six 10" straight sections.  40" flex track is also available. 5" straight sections, track bumper sections, third-rail accessory track sections, and automatic uncoupler track sections are also available.  


With decorated ballasted roadbed, Celcon® wood grain ties and weathered nickel silver rail, track sections such as these "snap" together, making positive electrical contact at the same time.

End-of-track Bumper section.

 Illuminated (brown bumper)  Non-illuminated (yellow bumper).

Uncoupler track section

Third-rail track section, for use with most American Flyer operating cars

S-Trax products:
     (1)     Starter set (twelve 19" curve sections and six 10" straight sections)
     (2)     40" flextrack; partial cases
     (3)     40" flextrack;  case/24
    (4)     #3 powered Turnouts, RH & LH
    (5)     5" straight track; 6 per package
    (6)     5" straight track with lighted bumper
    (7)    10" straight track; 6 per package
    (8)    15" straight track; 6 per package
    (9)    19" radius curve track; 6 per package
    (10)     24" radius curve track; 6 per package
    (11)   29" radius curve track; 6 per package
    (11)    AF track conversion pins;  (connect SHS/MTH track to AF track)
   (12)     Insulated rail joiners  (12)
    (13)    Rail joiners for sectional track (12)
    (14)    Rail joiners for flextrack  (36)
    (15)     5" straight track with remote uncoupler



  • Usable With All Scales
  • Prototypical slow-motion action, three seconds to complete throw
  • Precision-engineered gear drive mechanism
  • Simple mounting with linkage included, no additional brackets or linkage necessary
  • Convenient auxilliary contacts, two sets SPDT provided
  • Easy wiring, two-wire connection possible
  • Made in USA



We carry two types of roadbed for S trackwork.



Rubber Roadbed for use with original Gilbert AF track. Molded in black rubber, with wide ties, it contains cavities for insertion of the metal ties.

10" Straight---either black or gray

19" radius curve---either black or gray

27"-radius curve--- black only; VERY LIMITED, IF AVAILABLE AT ALL.

Cork roadbed for S track.
Particularly useful in combination with flex-track , but can be used with any S scale track.. Measures 2-1/4" wide, 3/16" thick; 36" long sections. Beveled edges. Easily cut and bonded to benchwork.
Sold in packs of 15',  30',  or 75' .



Tie Jigs for track work and turnouts.

Shown left is the jig with 22” spacing. Each jig produces a 9” length of ties, easily curved as you place the strip on the glued roadbed. Longer lengths can be created by placing one or more jigs end-to-end using the slot/tab alignment feature. By drilling thru the (4) pre-cast dimples, you can mount the jig to your workbench with push pins.

Kit No. 64-TJ-1.1 ... Tie jig, 19” tie spacing, single; $11.95
Kit No. 64-TJ-2.1 ... Tie jig, 22” tie spacing, single; $11.95

Shown here is the No. 6 switch tie jig. A cut-to-length template is included in the instructions. Run a strip of ¼” masking tape down the center and pull up a full set of switch ties, spaced on 19-inch centers. To make a right-hand template, place another strip of narrow tape on the opposite side and remove the first strip. The alignment slots/tabs match the straight-track jigs to provide a longer length of pre-spaced ties.

Item No. 64-TJ-3.1 … No. 5 switch, 19” tie spacing, single; $18.95
Item No. 64-TJ-4.1 … No. 6 switch, 19” tie spacing, single; $18.95



# 270: 8' Cross Ties (approx. 850/bag); $21.95
# 271: 8'-6" Cross Ties (approx. 850/bag); $21.95
# 272: 16' Switch Ties (approx. 500/bag); $26.95
# 282: 10' Bridge & Trestle Ties (approx. 500/bag); $26.95

Weathering Mix:   for staining ties.

$5.00 (8 oz bottle)



We carry Woodland Scenics track ballast material in large shaker-bottles (26 oz) for use with any track that does not already incorporate roadbed and ballast.  Ballast can be left loose, or glued in place with a mixture of water and white-glue. We normally have the following available, listed under SCENICS.

B1386    Coarse Brown Ballast (2 shade mixture)
B1390    Coarse Black Cinders
B1395    Coarse Gray Ballast